Are you wondering if you're being burned by your Facebook Ad Agency?

there is a good chance you are! But we have a better way! You deserve better results and the freedom from an agency that isn't incentivised to get those results.

Say Goodbye to Facebook Advertising Uncertainty & Get Consistent Results Instead

Increase Sales

Our system was designed from helping over 1200 Facebook clients with over $100 Million in Ad spend. It’s effective across industries. Your sales will grow.

Save Time

It could take months of trial and error to figure out what brings you success with FB ads. Learn the exact moves to make to start earning quickly

Peace of Mind

Having confidence in a system gives you peace of mind that you are not wasting money or time on agencies that have no incentive to be transparent with you. You’ll know what works

We Help You Grow

We understand how overwhelming Facebook Ads can be when you are starting out. As a Facebook sub-Contractor, I managed more than $100 Million in ad spend with 1200 businesses for Facebook and now I teach business owners our system.


-Eric Saar, Founder of Slingshot Media Consulting

"When you have all the levers to pull and all the pitfalls to avoid and understand the algorithm, you're all set to thrive with your Facebook ads!"

How to get started

3 Steps to grow your business with Facebook ads

1. Book Your
Discovery Call

Start the course and watch the easy to follow videos on all the tips, guidelines, rules and techniques that create successful ads

2. Learn to Creative Effective Campaigns

Take what you learned from our experts that managed more than $100 million in ad spend for 1200 companies and create ad campaigns for your own business.

3. Watch Your
Business Grow

With ads that attract the right customers and techniques that lower your customer acquisition cost, watch your profits grow

Why Successful
Business Owners
Choose to work with Us

At Slingshot Media Consulting we know you want to be a successful business owner with more time freedom. In order to do that, you need a consistent inflow of qualified prospects.

The problem is you are not getting a good return on your Facebook Advertising which makes you feel frustrated because you are spending money and wasting time.

You work hard for your money and we believe you should get a great ROI from your Facebook ads to grow your business. We understand how overwhelming Facebook Ads can be when you are starting out.

That is why we created our Online Course and Mentorship Program for Facebook Ads.

As a Facebook sub-contractor, we’ve worked with 1200 businesses on behalf of Facebook and managed over $100 Million in Ad spend. Now we teach business owners our system

See how we helped

Jillian gain confidence and get more leads!

Whether you are a beginner or have been running Facebook ads for some time, our short-term mentorship and long-term support will help transform your Facebook marketing with a greater ROI helping you “own” your marketing again, gain control and scale your business!


I was afraid of Facebook ads. I was really worried that I’d be setting my money on fire and Eric and his team literally eliminated that fear in me.”


"I just want to run my business... I had tried over the years, so many times and I found it so frustrating...Eric and his team just made it so easy...The first campaign I got a 5x ad spend back in revenue. And then I had something I could cut and paste and repeat and do on my own! ”


Mentorship Program


3-installments ($2,500/$1,750/$1,750)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after the first call you aren’t extremely estatic, and you don’t think we are providing the right value, we’ll refund the money and you can discontinue the service.